Music at Jubilee

Subject leader: Philippa Cail

Music at Jubilee

We are very proud of the high profile role music plays in the curriculum at Jubilee. We believe that music is a universal language that can bring groups and individuals together in society and as such, our ambitious curriculum is designed to give all learners equal opportunity to access the skills, knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in the subject. 

We want all our children from nursery through to year 6 to experience outstanding, high quality teaching that engages and inspires them to develop their love for music and their talent as musicians. We intend that, through this high quality music provision, children increase their self-confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement. Performance plays a key role with a range of opportunities planned across the academic year both internally and externally to showcase the skills they have learnt and build their confidence. To deliver this ambitious curriculum, we work in partnership with both Music Masters and Lambeth Music Service. 

Once a week all the children in years 1 to 6 take part in a singing assembly where they learn a number of songs from around the world. The children are split into phases; Years 1-3 focus on actions, repetition and listening to others around you to keep in tune. In Years 4-6 there is a focus on working in parts and harmonising when singing together. All the children in years 1 to 6 are also given the opportunity to participate in a choir, either Infant Choir or Junior Choir. Recently our choirs have performed both in school, at events like the Summer Fair or Festive Fun, or outside at venues such as The Royal Festival Hall, The Old Vic and on the Southbank. Children in the EYFS are encouraged to sing daily including call and response songs and nursery rhymes. 


Music Masters
We are now in our fifth year of working with Music Masters (, where all children in KS1 are given the opportunity to learn the violin. Their learning starts in the EYFS with weekly musicianship lessons in reception, before all children in KS1 are offered up to 3 violin lessons a week. The majority of our teaching takes place during the school day to ensure that everyone can participate, with some lessons occuring after school. Selected children are then able to carry on with their violin tuition into KS2. Though our work with MM the children participate in a rich programme of performances and creative workshops, including work with the BFI and London Film Festival, Nicola Benedetti and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. If you’d like to support your child with their violin learning at home, please use the resource page on the MM website which provides you with videos of the songs that children learn in school (


Lambeth Music Service
We work with Lambeth Music Service ( to offer high quality music teaching to all our KS2 children. In year 3 they take part in MX Play sessions, learning the glock and djembe, where they focus on reading music, multi-part repertoire, singing and a continuation of the musicianship skills explored in Year 1 and 2 such as solfege and rhythm reading. In year 4 they take part in MX Samba, where they are introduced to Samba instruments including trumpets, and exploring traditions, techniques and repertoire. Years 5 and 6 continue learning the Samba Percussion techniques and extend these skills to include advanced rhythmic performance and notation.  The idea is to give the children a music overview, which will prepare them for further musical learning at secondary school by  giving them a base knowledge of music theory, instrumental and ensemble skills and performance.

If you would like to find out more about the computing music at Jubilee, please email and write F.O.A Philippa Cail  and they will respond to the enquiry.