COVID19 update March 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


UPDATE 16.3.20


The latest advice from the government is that all members of a household should self-isolate if one member of the household is showing symptoms. If one member of your household is exhibiting symptoms then please keep all children at home. That means if you are feeling unwell, the children need to stay at home with you.
We will continue to work together to keep our community as safe as possible. We appreciate your support with this and will continue to update you as often as we can.


Yesterday the Prime Minister and the Government announced that they have moved into the ‘Delay’ phase of the UK Government’s plan to tackle coronavirus, COVID-19.


Whilst the Government has stated that schools are not being directed to close at this stage, the advice given may well impact on schools, including Jubilee.


The Governors and I want to keep Jubilee open as much as possible and for as long as possible. Therefore, it is very important that everyone follows the most up to date advice, which is that anyone with ‘a new, continuous’ cough or a high temperature self-isolates for 7 days. More information is on the NHS website: .


Please do not send children into school if they have either of these symptoms and do not come to school yourself if you also have either of these symptoms. Anyone displaying these symptoms, including staff, will need to leave the school site as soon as possible. Parents and carers need to have plans in place to quickly collect their child if they are asked to collect their child from the school. We have to work together in order to reduce or slow down the potential impact of the virus.


These are unprecedented times and the information and guidelines from Government are being updated at least daily. I will keep you all informed of any updates via our school text, ParentHub and the school website


It is vitally important that the school has all of your up to date telephone numbers and that you are accessing ParentHub, so please contact the main school office if you need to update any contact information (please see overleaf for information of how to access ParentHub for our school). I may have to send out information with very little notice, so please look out for messages from the school.


Finally, it is very important that we all protect the children from worry and upset. We have been reassuring the children and we will continue to do this.


Thank you for your cooperation and on going support. I will be in contact again soon.


Best wishes,


Tom Prestwich